What is the specialty of urbsana.lv?

Our company provides diamond drilling services to small and medium enterprises as well as
large corporations throughout Latvia. In some cases we are dealing with private individuals on
specific arrangements. Diamond drilling services that any company would come to think of – you
name it – can be found with us. We perform drilling in floors, ceilings, fundaments, roofs, as well
as in other nonstandard locations.

There are more and more of those companies in Latvia who rather choose outsourcing diamond
drilling with true professionals. Its saves funds that would otherwise have to be spent on the
expensive equipment required as well as training of staff to operate it, that’s for one thing,
for the other – it’s an option to indemnify against the risks and losses that may arise from any
contingent error made by your employees.

Resorting to the experience of our seasoned staff that lasts more than five years, coupled
with cutting-edge technologies, the outcome is impeccable. It is our priority to deliver services
accurately, of good quality and in a timely manner, leaving a neat and tidy working site.